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Pressure Controllers

PACE 6000 Pneumatic Pressure High Precision Controller/Indicator

A new generation of modular, high precision Druck pressure controllers & indicators, designed for ATE and test bench applications


  • A new generation of pressure controllers & indicators designed on a modular platform
  • Utilises Druck’s new unique range of piezo-resistive & resonant pressure sensor technology
  • Pressure ranges up to 210 bar (3000 psi/21 MPa) gauge & absolute
  • Improved precision to 0.005% Rdg + 0.005% FS
  • Improved long term stability to 0.01% Rdg per annum
  • Control Stability to 0.001% FS
  • Barometric Reference option
  • Negative gauge calibration included as standard
  • RS232 & IEEE connectivity as standard
  • Analog O/P option
  • High resolution touch screen operation
  • Easy to use intuitive icon driven menu structure
  • Modularity increases user flexibility, reduces downtime & lowers overall cost of ownership
  • Switch Test, Leak Test & Test Program options
  • Designed for both ATE Systems & bench top use
  • Compatible with Intecal & some Third Party software packages
  • New Burst Test and Volt Free contact options
  • Various service support options available

PACE5000 Pneumatic Pressure Controller/Indicator

The new PACE5000 pneumatic pressure controller brings together the latest control and measurement technology to offer an elegant and economical solution to pressure controlfor production, test and calibration.

It employs full digital control to provide high control stability and high slew rate, while its digitally characterized pressure sensor offers the quality, stability, higher bandwidth and precision associated with this latest generation of piezo-resistive devices.