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Gas Analyzers – Thermal Paramagnetic

The Panametrics product offering range offers reliable oxygen, hydrogen and gas composition analyzers that provide sensitive and accurate online analysis for any process control or safety related application. The typical applications include top-gas hydrogen analysis in blast furnaces and in heat-treating ovens; monitoring hydrogen in generator cooling systems; gas purity monitoring of argon, hydrogen and nitrogen; measuring the level of hydrogen in ammonia or methanol synthesis gas; and monitoring carbon dioxide in fermentation and other biochemical processes.

Thermoparamagnetic Oxygen Transmitters

Panametrics offers corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free thermoparamagnetic transmitters and an easy-to-use display package.

XMO2 thermoparamagnetic oxygen transmitter

The XMO2 thermoparamagnetic oxygen transmitter provides computer-enhanced, drift-free oxygen measurement in a compact, rugged, online transmitter. It can be used wherever accurate and reliable long-term oxygen measurement is critical to process and product quality. This includes inerting/blanketing liquid storage tanks, reactor feed gases, flare gas, catalyst regeneration, oxygen purity and many other applications.

  • Measures oxygen from 0.01 to 100 percent in gases
  • No moving parts; maintenance-free
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Automatic background-gas compensation
  • Use as stand-alone transmitter or in conjuction with TMO2D or XDP display packages

APX advanced paramagnetic oxygen analyzer

The APX advanced paramagnetic oxygen analyzer combines the benefits of the GE Panametrics XMO2 and TMO2 thermoparamagnetic transmitters with advanced background compensation features that allow the analyzer to operate in applications with widely varying, defined or undefined hydrocarbon background gases. This makes the APX an ideal choice for applications such as barge loading, flare gas, vapor recovery, refinery gas and tanker off-loading.The APX is the most accurate paramagnetic oxygen analyzer available on the market today. It can be calibrated with common nitrogen or a wide variety of other background gases.

  • Measures oxygen from 0.1 to 25 percent in gases
  • No moving parts; maintenance-free
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Automatic background-gas compensation
  • Automatic process pressure compensation

TMO2D display package

The TMO2D display package provides a microprocessor-based control platform for the TMO2 and the XMO2 oxygen transmitters.