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Calibrators – Temperature

DPI 812 RTD Loop Calibrator

DPI 812 RTD Calibrator measures or simulates RTD sensors and is the ideal tool for checking probes, indicators, recorders and controllers. The DPI 800 Series is a complete range of advanced, robust and simple to use hand-held instruments. Highly cost effective, these tools are ideal for test/calibration of many popular process parameters. Advanced features and technical innovations address more applications in less time and deliver results you can rely on.

DPI 880 Smart Multi-Function Calibrator

The DPI 880 is an ultra-compact and simple to use tool for testing, configuring and calibrating virtually all process parameters. It is 35% smaller than competitive models and it’s windows-like menu driven display means fewer keys and a more simple, easier-to-understand interface. The DPI 880’s data logging capability means that users no longer need to carry additional recording tools.

The DPI 880 Multi-function Calibrator is virtually a calibration lab in the palm of your hand. The DPI 880 allows the user to obtain high precision data and address any issue in as much time as it takes to press a button, saving thus valuable operating time. For example, the DPI 880 can accurately test switches, trips and alarms and print the results in 5 minutes, while a traditional device would take up to 40 minutes and would require manual data entry. Thermocouple transmitter calibrations may take up to an hour using a conventional (older, more dated) tool that requires the use of look-up tables. The DPI 880 is capable of providing the ready to print results in just 5 minutes.