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Calibrators – Pressure

Advanced Modular Calibration System

Modularity brings a whole new perspective to multi-function test instruments and calibrators.

The Advanced Modular Calibration System uses three basic components to provide the multi-functionality to perform duties formerly requiring a wide range of different instruments.

At the heart of this system is the DPI 620, an ultra-compact electrical, temperature and frequency calibrator, which provides simultaneous measurement and source capabilities. It integrates with pressure modules and pressure generation stations to form uniquely capable pressure test and calibration systems.

Its basic component is an ultra-compact, electrical, frequency and temperature calibrator, which provides simultaneous measurement and source capabilities.

Pressure measurement is provided by interchangeable pressure modules that can be attached to the calibrator by a pressure module carrier.

If pressure generation is required the calibrator and pressure module can be attached to one of three pressure generation stations, to form a fully-integrated pressure calibrator, of unparalleled performance.

DPI 880 Smart Multi-Function Calibrator
The DPI 880 is an ultra-compact and simple to use tool for testing, configuring and calibrating virtually all process parameters. It is 35% smaller than competitive models and it’s windows-like menu driven display means fewer keys and a more simple, easier-to-understand interface. The DPI 880’s data logging capability means that users no longer need to carry additional recording tools.

The DPI 880 Multi-function Calibrator is virtually a calibration lab in the palm of your hand. The DPI 880 allows the user to obtain high precision data and address any issue in as much time as it takes to press a button, saving thus valuable operating time. For example, the DPI 880 can accurately test switches, trips and alarms and print the results in 5 minutes, while a traditional device would take up to 40 minutes and would require manual data entry. Thermocouple transmitter calibrations may take up to an hour using a conventional (older, more dated) tool that requires the use of look-up tables. The DPI 880 is capable of providing the ready to print results in just 5 minutes.

DPI800/802 Pressure Indicator / Loop Calibrator
The DPI 800 Series is a complete range of advanced, robust and simple to use hand-held instruments. Highly cost effective, these tools are ideal for test/calibration of many popular process parameters. Advanced features and technical innovations address more applications in less time and deliver results you can rely on. DPI 800 Pressure Indicator is the ideal pressure measurement tool. Pressure ranges from 25 mbar to 700 bar including vacuum options. All-inclusive accuracy can be relied on from one year to the next, even in tough environmental conditions. The DPI802 Pressure calibrator provides simultaneous pressure and ma measurement for transmitter and loop maintenance.

IDOS (Intelligent Digital Output Sensors)
Plug ‘n’ Play Pressure Modules that can be plugged into any IDOS compatible unit including the entire DPI 800 Series of Calibrators and Indicators

Data Logging with the DPI800 Series
The Data logging function is now available on all DPI800 Series units with Firmware version 5 or higher. It comes complete with a release key, RS232 lead and users guide.

DPI 104 Digital Test Gauge
The Druck DPI 104 is a microprocessor controlled digital pressure gauge that combines precision and functionality in a compact, robust, and simple to use package. Advanced silicon technology delivers 0.05% accuracy over ranges to 20,000 psi, making the DPI 104 suitable for a wide array of pressure sensing applications.

Intecal for Industry
GE Intecal is a new calibration management software platform developed by GE Druck to maintain & control a calibration environment to the highest standards of metrology. The Intecal for Industry package has been adapted for the process industry especially where portable calibrators are used to validate plant instrumentation. Intecal for Industry is an easy to use Calibration Management software application for generating calibration procedures, scheduling work and documenting results. It has been developed to help meet the increasing demands of GaMP, ISO9000 and FDA.