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Infrared Gas Sensing

The Telaire 7000 Series hand held monitors feature our patented absorption infrared technology.

Accurately measures CO 2 and Temperature while calculating real-time ventilation rates. The Telaire 7000 Series also offers data logging and RH data gathering capabilities when purchased with available accessories. Product kits include a power adapter, however, the unit may be operated up to 80 hours on 4 AA batteries (not included).

Telaire Accessories for all Units
Calibration kits, Enclosures, Software and Cables

The Airestat® 5000 Series
The Airestat® combines a CO 2 and Temperature Sensor in one ingenious package. The 5000 series is designed to simultaneously monitor carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) levels in the air and measure the interior building temperature.

  • Patented Telaire Absorption InfraredT technology provides high accuracy at an affordable price.
  • Lifetime Calibration Guarantee.
  • ABCT Logic Self-Calibration Feature.
  • Dual Analog Output (0-10V and 4-20mA).
  • Night Setback Override Button.
  • Slide Potentiometer (T5031 model only) adjusts temperature setpoint during occupied periods.
  • On-board RJ45 jack facilitates building automation network connection.
  • 10Kohms Thermistor Provides Accurate Temperature Measurement

The Telaire Ventostat® CO 2 Sensors are ideally suited for Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) in buildings.

The 8000 series sensor measures CO 2 concentrations and can be utilized as an indicator of occupancy. This approach drives a ventilation control strategy based on actual occupancy while maintaining ASHRAE recommended per-person ventilation rates. Over-ventilation can be reduced, energy can be saved, and air quality can be optimized by including the Ventostat® CO 2 Sensor in your next project.

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Telaire Ventostat® T8041 CO2 Duct Probe Transmitter
Telaire Ventostat® Wall Mount CO2 Ventilation Controllers

Telaire 9002 Infrared Dew Point Sensor
The Vaporstat T is the first commercial infrared dew point sensor that directly measures absolute humidity by counting the number of water molecules in air. The sensor display provides a user selectable display of grains/lb of dry air or °F dew point. The Vaporstat T is designed for direct in-duct or wall mounting applications and is compatible with all of Telaire’s accessory enclosures. The Vaporstat T provides a similar performance to a chilled mirror, but is a fraction of the cost and requires considerably less adjustment and maintenance

OEM Capabilities
GE Sensing understands the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) environment because we translate your market requirements into products that will provide you with a clear competitive edge. Telaire’s patented Absorption InfraredT technology is cost effective, reliable, and mass-produced utilizing GE’s automated manufacturing facility.

The Telaire product line offers a wide range of innovative sensing solutions to address your most challenging applications. Our flexible designs can measure any gas with an infrared signature because the signal processing and optical elements are common to all Telaire sensors. In fact, measurement platforms have already been established for carbon dioxide and other gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and water vapor (absolute humidity).

Telaire 6613 CO2 OEM Module
Telaire 6500 CO2 OEM Module