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Dewpoint – Chilled Mirror

Optica series chilled mirror hygrometers

The Optica series chilled mirror hygrometers offer NIST traceable humidity, temperature and pressure measurements for the connected generation. Now humididity reference data is acessible from anywhere, anytime from within a browser over the internet or your intranet.

The Optica measures dew point temperature by regulating the temperature of a polished metal mirror by the use of optical feedback such that a constant mass of dew or frost is maintained. The temperature of the mirror is measured with a precise PRTD and is by definition equal to the dew or frost point.

This Primary Standard has the following Features and Benefits

  • Simultaneously measure and display dew point, temperature, and pressure
  • Display any humidity parameter
  • Ethernet ready, so you can access GE Optica hygrometers via the Internet for remote monitoring applications
  • Data logger function lets you record & upload weeks of data
  • Primary NIST Traceable Humidity Transfer Standard
  • Accuracy to +/- 0.15°C

OptiSonde™ Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

The OptiSonde Hygrometer offers precision humidity and temperature measurement. GE’s proven chilled mirror sensing technology provides data which is traceable to global metrology and standards laboratories.

The OptiSonde chilled mirror hygrometer is a humidity transfer standard available in benchtop or wall mounted configurations. These compact rugged analyzers are connected to either a single or two-stage chilled mirror sensor and PRTD. Chilled mirrors are the humidity sensors of choice when laboratory and process measurements require high precision without long-term drift.