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Heat Control Devices – Electric Heaters

Flexible Heaters
Flexible Heaters, of which Silicone Rubber and Kapton are two types, were originally designed for the aerospace and defense industries. Common were such applications as maintaining constant temperatures in the instrumentation of aircraft, satellites, navigation, guidance and radar equipment. The versatility of this product has since been widely recognized as thousands of uses have been discovered. Flexible heaters are regularly specified because of their lightweight, thin profile, low thermal mass and flexibility. The abilities to provide an infinite array of patterns and concentrations of heat are additional characteristics. Complex shapes, contours and three-dimensional patterns are possible. Many mounting methods are available for the application of Flexible Heaters. Computer generated specifications and state-of-the-art-manufacturing technologies produce the most effective Flexible Heater performance possible, with typical OGDEN reliability.

Band Heaters
The OGDEN selection of Band Heaters leaves no cylindrical surface-heating question without an answer. The Mighty-Tuff can produce sheath temperatures to 1400°F at high watt densities. The design of the Aluma-Flex creates an efficient, quick responding, virtually indestructible band heater. The Mighty-Miser Ceramic Band Heater’s features can produce significant energy savings. For practically any electric heating application, OGDEN can supply the perfect heat source.

Insertion/Cartridge Heaters

Where an intense concentration of heat is required, the Mighty Watt, SST, QST and Maxi-Zone Insertion Heaters give OGDEN the broadest array of high-density insertion heaters available. More than 700 stock Mighty Watt sizes and ratings along with the selection of Mighty Watt Plus terminations get many tens of thousands of possible cartridge heater variations shipped right away. SST and QST Split Sheath heaters are designed for applications where the hole is poorly drilled or worn through age. When energized, the segments expand, improving conductive heat transfer. When cool, the segments contract for easy removal. The Maxi-Zone Insertion Heater can produce 2000°F continuous temperatures. Independently controllable zones along the sheath length provide precise process temperatures. With the Mighty Watt, SST, QST and Maxi-Zone, OGDEN can supply the ideal heat source for any insertion heater application.

The Ogden Mighty Watt is an elite category of high-density cartridge heaters. No other swaged cartridge heater is compacted to the extent of the Mighty Watt, producing excellent heat transfer capability and the dielectric and physical strength necessary for long life and outstanding performance. The Mighty Watt is designed for applications where high operating temperatures are required, or where heaters are subjected to vibration. Because the construction allows maximum heat transfer and high temperatures, it is possible to use fewer heaters at higher watt densities to reduce space requirements. The Mighty Watt is available from 1/8″ to 1-1/4″ diameters in just about any conceivable increment. With designed-in quality and reliability, the Mighty Watt is the ideal heat source for any process.

Process Heaters

are the most versatile of all electric heating elements, capable of being formed into virtually any configuration to heat liquids, air, gases and surfaces.

are mounted through tank walls using standard pipe couplings and are available in various sizes, heat capacities and sheath materials for heating oil, water or corrosive solutions. Built-in temperature control and terminal enclosures for special applications are available.

allows high kilowatt ratings without an increase in length or multiple mountings that would be required in screw plug heaters. Thermowell, housing and gasket are standard, with multiple circuit wiring and terminal enclosures for special applications available.

has greater surface area than standard round elements, allowing more wattage or lower watt densities. Deep fryers and steam equipment in the food service industry are typical applications, but many industrial processes can be improved using the Mighty-Blade.

Strip Heaters
For tanks, platens and other surface heating applications, freeze and moisture protection in control cabinets, and infinite other industrial and commercial applications, OGDEN Strip Heaters offer outstanding performance in the most demanding situations. The HD Strip Heater’s highly compressed refractory material provides uniform temperatures and long life in thousands of applications, including convective air heating. Adding fins increases the surface area to allow higher wattages. A thin profile and extreme watt density capabilities of Mighty-Tuff Strip Heaters provide high temperatures with quick responses for conductive surface heating processes. Mica Strip Heaters are the most economical of all strip heater types. Applications in commercial cooking and vending equipment are typical. The Channel Heater’s seamless design can provide high process temperatures. With certain configurations, Channel Heaters can be contamination proof. With the HD, Mighty-Tuff, Mica Strip and the Channel Heaters, OGDEN can supply the perfect heat source for any strip heater application.

Radiant Heaters
OGDEN can approach Infrared Heating applications with a wider choice of heat sources than most manufacturers or suppliers. Operating in the medium-wave length range, energy produced by OGDEN infrared heat products can be used for virtually any heating, drying and curing process. Temperatures can be accurately controlled and matched to the ideal absorption characteristics of the material being heated. Much information is presented in the Engineering and Technical Section on how to apply infrared heat. OGDEN has vast experience and can provide extensive assistance in designing a new, or retrofitting an existing infrared heating system.